This is it what, Luchini pouring from the sky, let's get rich, what?
Jocktail Hour

Jocktail Hour

It's been enough time that I can share this

One time, I went on the shittiest date I’ve ever been on and wrote this under a pseudonym. I just read this on Jezebel and it made me remember this. Anyways, please enjoy reading about the one time I watched TED Talks as foreplay.

Gregg Alexander did his first interview in 15 years yesterday and it wasn’t done by me, which KILLS ME, but is an occasion to remind you all that he is the best and here, enjoy his demo of Santana and Michelle Branch’s “The Game of Love.”

All of this


is there someone out there that really loves you?


Should have been a bigger hit.


Essentially curating myself a playlist tbh


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