This is it what, Luchini pouring from the sky, let's get rich, what?



The photo booth pics from last week’s Art Partie are live — check ‘em out on Facebook and tag yourself, tag a friend, tag a cat.

The Art Partie lit up the financial, art, and feline press — here’s what they said:

“To [ founder Will] Zweigart, the site’s evolved into much more than just another goofy cat meme. It’s exclusive and artistic—a gallery-like space for people who love photos of cats, money, and cats with money. ‘It’s getting real,’ he says of Cashcats’s evolution into fine art.” - Bloomberg Businessweek

“With the gallery showing the site set a new bar for Tumblrs everywhere by colonizing the brick-and-mortar universe with original content.” - Motherboard

“The hipster cat event of 2012.” - TIME

“The fashionable crowd was able to bid on the pieces for the charity BARC, which included a beautifully realized monocle-rocking Pusheen and an amazing taxidermy piece by Divya Anantharaman.” - Refinery 29

“Caternet history was made when the cat tumblr Cash Cats had a real life art show at The Dumbo Loft in Brooklyn.” - Buzzfeed

“To those who think that the art world has gone to the dogs, be advised: Cats are making a run at it, and they are adorable, well-endowed and heavily armed.
The scene of the revolution? An obscure swath of Brooklynesque cyberspace called Ca$” - Huffington Post

Serious dot-business.

Hi here we are Ca$h Catting.

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    Hi here we are Ca$h Catting.
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    Serious dot-business.
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